Areas Of Operation

Clad-All has been accredited as an approved installer by all major roofing suppliers and roll formers in South Africa (Global Roofing Solutions, Safintra, Clotan Steel, Youngman Roofing).

While Clad-All Roofing initially accured extensive experience in residential cladding and related services, the company has been focussing on commercial and industrial cladding for more than a decade. The company is an active participant and competitor in tender processes while a significant portion of its projects are also attributed to referrals from satisfied customers.

Operating within defined and proven systems and processes, Clad-All Roofing have roofing material roll-formed on site when required.

This creates a basis for lean and accurate manufactoring with the result that scrap loss is minimised and productivity maximised. Clad-All Roofing has successfully supplied and installed continuous metal roofing sheets up to 70 meters long.

All projects are carried out on a project management system basis in that teams are assigned to individual projects and overseen by team leaders. All labour is provided by Clad-All which permanently employs 10 – 15 teams of approximately 10 people each. Depending on projects, the company also utilizes a pool of sub-contractors on a labour only basis that have been working with us for a number of years.

Big or tall, we clad it all

Clad-All Roofing is a leading roofing specialist that ranks among the top ten roofing companies in South Africa. With an established, national reputation for excellence, Clad-All Roofing has been operating as an independent, privately owned company since it was established in 1987 in Port Elizabeth

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